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Was scammed out of $300 by these lying SCAMMERS. Contacted my credit card company right away to place a hold on my card to prevent future purchases by these scammers. Filed a dispute fraud charge on this transaction and I am dealing with my credit card company to have the charges reversed. Keep all correspondence with the scammers for proof.

They advertised official majestic jerseys on sale via Facebook ad.


Website was made to look completely professional but a red flag should have been no phone number. Placed my order and got a receipt from globalccpay.com instead. Then got email from JALY @kissmarketonlineshop.com for 'confirmation'. SCAM.

They operate many different websites (luboutin, nhl, mlb) but look at the FAQ (bad grammar) and NO CONTACT info. Should have known better.

Will be informing Facebook as well.

SCAM !!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Fanatics Cons: Scam.

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I ordered $75 worth of clothing a few days ago. I am TRUSTING to receive my order in a couple weeks. When I do, I will write a positive update.


Lookin forward to it


I know this has been a year ago, but did you receive your items?


I ordered a pair of Nike, I received an different awful pair of shoes and now they don't want refund me. Absolutely dishonest!


They are garbage. I bought two hoodies on one of them they spelt the name wrong.

They don’t want to do anything because they say it cost to much. Then they said they would give me a discount on other things so I picked a couple other things out and they wouldn’t do anything for me.

They will not refund me or fix it. And they want me to pay to send back and pay for a new one instead of replacing it.


I have been going back and forth with these *** for over a week, they sent this NHL jersey that has everything crooked and completely off. They name is literally just a screen print patch sewn on terribly.

They refuse to honor the return policy they had on their fake website and want me to pay them $30 to return it.

Well after telling them that I was going to post the images of the jersey on social media and let it spread like wild fire they decided that they would send me another jersey if i paid the shipping.

After denying their offer they are going to refund the money. I am still going to put them on blast once I get the money back!


I’m also a victim for this matter! Please reframe from buying anything online...


They sent my order


They sell their counterfeit products through different web-sites. I bought two items via http://www.soccerfranceshoponline.com/ but received only one. I filed a dispute to my credit card company.


I ordered a jersey in size XXL. I did receive a jersey looking exactly how I wanted except it was a size medium to possibly large with a tag that read XXXL.

They refuse to send a proper size jersey and when I complained they said they will refund me 10% of my purchase.

That is totally unacceptable. I now have an unwearable jersey.


yup...ordered a jersey from officialbrazilonline.com. Didn't catch is was unsecured.

charged my card...no jersey yet.

sent email to support got a poorly written email saying it shipped. email came from service@kissmarketonlineshop.com.



One other thing I cannot believe the NFL is not on top of this item said official NFL products and licensed!! Also with them saying that it merchandise from the super bowl limited edition, I am so freaking pissed off ,I sorta wish I could see them face to face, I did contact my bank and change my info and hopefully I can get my funds back but one thing more if I had checked the website I would not have wasted time I hope that these people get what coming to them


these *** did the same thing to me. i just wish i had an Address i could go to and beat the *** *** out of this *** and run his pockets to at least fill my truck.


So, I was scammed too but I think I have found the key! They are pissed that I did a chargeback!

Haha! They sent 2 emails trying to convince me to cancel the chargeback (NO!) or order via western union and pay again (DOUBLE F'N NO!). They try to lure you to western union with 10% off. Then no one can do a chargeback.

DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION. Wells Fargo was great in getting my money back. I just got a statement from New Balance stating that the jersey I ordered was not what I received.

See below.

My info was removed:

Begin forwarded message:

From: "auto@checkoutnotice.com"


Subject: Survey on the chargeback request Hello, Thank you for reading this email. We are the team of after-sales service, writing to make a survey on the transaction with the ChargeBack Request. We would like to find out the cause, so we can take measure to protect your card and help you to solve the problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your order details are as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seller website: www.liverpoolsoccerpro.com Billing statement: Gdselectronic Order No.: Payment No.: Payment Date&Time: Amount: Tracking No: Tracking website: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The followings are the probable reasons to cause the dispute.

Please choose one or (more than one) of them for us to make a summary. Your answer is ___ A. My card was stolen or used by my family or friends B. I can't recognize the billing statement C.

My account was charged more D. I didn't get my item E. The item was not as described(size, color,design and so on) F. I have canceled the order G.

I did not get the refund H. I made this payment long time ago, I forgot it I. There is no return address J. Counterfeit K.

Other reasons (please write down the details) If above feedback form and your mailbox system not compatible, please go to our website feedback If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by team@checkoutnotice.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your time Looking forward to your reply Best Regards, Risk control department. Begin forwarded message: From: sales Date: Subject: Chargeback for your jersey order Reply-To: sales This email was sent by our system automatically, please do not reply to it. Dear Thank you for purchasing item on our website. We have shipped out your package, the tracking number is .

You can check it on the http://new.17track.net/en you have received the package. May I Know the reason why you chargeback for this order? Could you cancel it and repay us. Here I'd like to suggest you to pay by western union or money gram to share our discount 10% OFF, then you only need USD.

If you choose Western Union, then 1. go to www.westernunion.com to create ur account or go to the near western union store. 2. send money to our western union account, our information is: First name: HuiHui Last name: Ding Address: Chaoyang District City: Beijing Country: China Zip code: 100000 After u send the money, pls call western union to validate it and send me the MTCN so that I can check for you.

Or you can pay us via quick payment link as following: http://www.jerseysoutlets.ru Here is your order details as following: 1x#21 Liverpool FC Lucas Leiva Men's Jersey: Black New Balance Away Authentic Short Shirt Soccer 16/17 Premier League Club - Size:Extra Large Please kindly do the payment asap, i believe you are honest customers. any needs welcome to email us at any time.

Best regards, Customer service Rep. If you have any questions about your products, please kindly contact this email:sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com


I was scammed as well! Raider jersey.

Have not received confirmation or anything.

I should've checked. Will contact my bank.


I just got taken for $166.00 for Some NFL jerseys,they keep emailing me from this email (sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com)but claim they can't find my order. I sent them all the information from the order but still haven't gotten anything solved. SO TICKED OFF!!!!!!!


i ordered a soccer jersey....keep telling me it's on it's way yet the 'tracking number' they gave me which does appear on USPS says that USPS was notified there was going to be a package....I'll never get it.


know this site by my first-time customer, he got scammed also then went to my site, just wondered why you guys not do a research firstly before ordered....


SCAM! Ordered a men's NB Liverpool jersey and received a mismarked very small jersey.

Probably counterfeit. I am working with New Balance now to prove it's a fake. They are all in China and will say they will help but this is a lie. Every comment you see about them that is negative is true.

They will not take anything back and will only offer you "big discounts" to order from them again. They try to play the pity card and say they do not make much profits. YEAH RIGHT! and WHO CARES!

Do not waste your money. SEE EMAILS BELOW: On Jan 13, 2017, at 10:53 PM, "sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com" wrote:

Dear, really hope for your kind understanding. We are just wholesalers, so we don't have much profit. We just need you to pay us the shipping fee.

For the jersey you got you can try to sell to others or give it to your family or friends who can wear it.Really appreciate for your kindness.

From: sales

Sent: Wed, Jan 11, 2017 8:52 pm

Subject: Re: Re: order 20161129-NOS_2138-380

The shipping fee will reach $30 if we resend you. Would you please just pay us partial ? Then we will try to apply for a new one for you.

We don't have much profit and we also have other fees. Beg for your kind understanding. Thanks. sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com On Jan 7, 2017, at 1:58 AM, "sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com" wrote: Sorry for the problem.

AS return to exchange will need more than 45 days to receive the return parcel. we can exchange it for you as we receive the return parcel. so it is very consume time. For the jersey you get you can try to sell to others or give it to your family or friends who can wear it.

We will apply big discounts for your next order . Thank you for your kindly understanding. sales@kissmarketonlineshop.com Etc. Etc.

you can see they don't give one fig about it and they are untouchable in China.



I also was scammed! They sent me the jersey but not the beanie I paid for.

When I contacted them, they advised I got a good deal so I should be happy. They are refusing to send me out a product I paid for!!

Total rip off!! Does anyone know how I can report them?

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