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I placed an order 3 weeks ago, received confirmation e-mail with estimated delivery date of 12/17. I waited until 12/18 to follow-up as I thought there may be shipping delays due to holiday traffic.

When I checked on-line my order still showed as pending however when I spoke to customer service they told me the order was cancelled. I never received any e-mail, phone call or text even though they did have all of my contact information. The Customer Service rep said my order was cancelled due to product being out of stock however it was back in stock now.

I was told I'd have to place a new order - even though I had never received a refund on my credit card. I spoke to my credit card company and confirmed they had received a refund, when I called later in the day to place the re-order was told my item would not be able to be delivered prior to Christmas.

I requested express shipping and they said that wasn't possible. If an item is in stock and there are still at least 5 shipping days left - why was this not possible?

This was the only thing my son specifically asked for Christmas and due to the price ($120) - basically only thing he was supposed to get.

Have been a loyal repeat customer of Fanatics for over 5 years but will never place another order - your customer service manager was absolutely no help and not empathetic at all. Absolutely ruined Christmas for my son and me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fanatics Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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QUOTE : "Absolutely ruined Christmas for my son and me!" Friend, I think you need to refocus on the purpose of the holiday. You can buy your kid a present anytime.

Christmas is once per year. Our local police provide escorts and funding for indigent children to go Christmas shopping - and 8 out of 10 of the kids bought something for ... someone else. Please don't pass this gimme attitude on to the kids and make sure your boy participates in selecting things for other important folks in his life.

Nothing fancy, it is truly the thought that counts. Let him label the and wrap the packages.

My daughter's favorite Christmas activity is to put some money in the kettle and ring the bell herself at the Salvation Army stand ... she's 28 now.


Why not spend some time telling Fanatics what to focus on? They're making a tiny bit of money on this stuff and are not keeping their commitments...that people pay extra for so that they'll have peace of mind about that one thing...

You don't know what these people do during the Christmas season and when you set aside time to exchange gifts and do what you need to do to make sure the gift will arrive on time for that exchange, you have much hope that although the dinner might be burned (and we'll get over it) we'll still be able to see the excitement on the faces of our loved ones. Once Christmas has passed, it's just another day, another shirt, another apology.

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